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viernes, 24 de marzo de 2017

Wayne Wilkinson - Full Circle (2007)

01. Swingin'
02. Martino's Waltz
03. Lament
04. Change The World
05. The Heritage
06. Full Circle
07. Speak Low
08. Here We Go Again
09. So Many Stars
10. Sleepwalk

Eliane Elias - Dance Of Time (2017)

01. O Pato
02. Youre Getting To Be A Habit With Me
03. Copacabana
04. Coisa Feita
05. By Hand (Em Maos)
06. Sambou Sambou
07. Little Paradise
08. Speak Low
09. Samba De Orly
10. Na Batucada Da Vida
11. An Up Dawn

V.A. Bass Talk Vol 5 - Play da Bass (1997)

01. Play Da Bass - Jay-Tee Teterissa's Stainless Steel
02. Controversy - Victor Bailey
03. Stepchild - Tim Lefebvre With Boomish
04. Ancient Promise - Gary Willis
05. After The Jam - Advacado
06. Restless - Vail Johnson
07. Orlane's Song - Christophe Chambet
08. Down The Wire - Scott Ambush
09. Congress Of Parliament - Ray Lewin
10. Frame Of Mind - John Lee
11. Deep Blue - Sean Malone
12. I Know What It's Like - Chucho Merchan
13. In The Shadow Of The Great - Jan-Olof Strandberg
14. Exitium - Matthew Garrison

Vienna Art Orchestra - Artistry in Rhythm: A European Suite (2000)

01. Graffiti In Stockholm 
02. Moony Paris On The Run  
03. Double Dealers Crash Into Double Doubts In Dublin 
04. Copenhagen's Mermaid Heart 
05. Hanging Out In Den Haag!! 
06. Bruxelles Ma Belle 
07. If Athens Would Have Been Built By Atheists, You Would Have Never Seen The Parthenon 
08. Madrid Madness 
09. Helsinki Sinking In An Inky Light 
10. Roma Roams In Romances 
11. Lucky Luxembourg 
12. When Vienna Doesn't Waltz 
13. London Rushes In The Tube 
14. Lisboa Reverie 
15. Off Beat Berlin On The Beat

Robert Riegler (Bass); JoJo Mayer (Drums); Arkady Shilkloper, Tom Varner (French Horn); Wolfgang Muthspiel (Guitar); Patrice Heral (Percussion); Andy Scherrer, Florian Bramböck, Harry Sokal, Herwig Gradischnig, Klaus Dickbauer (Saxophone); Adrian Mears, Christian Muthspiel, Christian Radovan, Robert Bachner (Trombone); Bumi Fian, Jurai Bartos, Matthieu Michel, Thomas Gansch, Thorsten Benkenstein (Trumpet); Ed Partyka (Tuba); Franck Tortiller (Vibraphone); Urszula Dudziak (Vocals).

Niacin - Krush (2013)

01. Krush
02. Tone Wheels
03. Stormy Sunday
04. Low Art
05. Car Crash Red
06. Electorcity
07. Cold Fusion
08. Majestic Dance
09. Prelude & Funky Opus
10. The Gnarly Shuffle
11. Drifting
12. Sly Voltage
13. That’s The One!
14. Triple Strength

Billy Sheehan (Bass); Dennis Chambers (Drums); John Novello (Organ [Hammond B3]).

Niacin - Organik (2005)

01. Barbarian @ The Gate
02. Nemesis
03. Blisterine
04. King Kong
05. Super Grande
06. Magnetic Mood
07. Hair Of The Dog
08. 4'5 3
09. Stumble On The Truth
10. Club Soda
11. No Shame
12. Clean House
13. Footprints In The Sand

Billy Sheehan (Bass); Dennis Chambers (Drums); John Novello (Organ [Hammond B3]).

Niacin - Live! Blood, Sweat and Beers (2003)

01. Clean Up Crew
02. Do A Little Dirty Work
03. Bullet Train Blues
04. Hell To Pay
05. Niacin
06. One Less Worry
07. I Miss You (Like I Miss The Sun)
08. Klaghorn
09. Three Feet Back
10. Purple Rain
11. No Man's Land
12. You Keep Me Hangin' On
13. Front And Center
14. Gelatin

Billy Sheehan (Bass); Dennis Chambers (Drums); John Novello (Organ [Hammond B3]).

Niacin - Time Crunch (2001)

01. Elbow Grease
02. Time Crunch
03. Stone Face
04. Red
05. Invisible King
06. Daddy Long Leg
07. Hog Funk
08. Glow
09. Damaged Goods
10. Outside Inside Out
11. Blue Wind

Billy Sheehan (Bass); Dennis Chambers (Drums); John Novello (Organ [Hammond B3]).

Niacin - Deep (2000)

01. Swing Swang Swung
02. Best Laid Plans
03. Sugar Blues
04. Stompin' Ground
05. Blue Mondo
06. Panic Button
07. Bootleg Jeans
08. Mean Streets
09. This One's Called...
10. Klunkified
11. Ratta McQue
12. Things Ain't Like They Used To Be
13. Bluesion

Billy Sheehan (Bass); Dennis Chambers (Drums); John Novello (Organ [Hammond B3]).

Niacin - High Bias (1998)

01. High Bias
02. Birdland
03. Slapped Silly
04. Montuno
05. Revenge
06. Cool To The Touch
07. Darkside
08. It's The Little Things
09. Soul Diversion
10. Who Cares If It's Raining
11. Hang Me Upside Down

Billy Sheehan (Bass); Dennis Chambers (Drums); John Novello (Organ [Hammond B3]).

Niacin - Niacin (1997)

01. No Man's Land
02. Clean-up Crew
03. Do A Little Dirty Work
04. I Miss You (Like I Miss The Sun)
05. One Less Worry
06. Three Feet Back
07. Bullet Train Blues
08. Hell To Pay
09. Alone On My Own Little Island
10. For Crying Out Loud
11. Klaghorn
12. Spring Rounds
13. Spring Rounds Squared
14. Pay Dirt
15. Fudgesicle

Billy Sheehan (Bass); Dennis Chambers (Drums); John Novello (Organ [Hammond B3]).

jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

Larry Coryell - Count's Jam Band Reunion (2002)

01. Scotland
02. Reunion
03. Rhapsody & Blues
04. Pedals and Suspensions
05. Foreplay
06. Blues for Yoshihiro Hattori
07. Tomorrow Never Knows
08. Ballad for Guitar and Soprano
09. Jammin' with the Count

Larry Coryell (Guitar); Steve Smith (Drums); Steve Marcus (Soprano sax); Kai Eckhardt (Bass); Jeff Chimenti (Piano).

Larry Coryell - Cedars Of Avalon (2002)

01. Cedars of Avalon
02. Bemsha Swing
03. Fantasy in D
04. Theme for Ermie
05. Limehouse Blues
06. D-Natural Blues
07. What,s New
08. Newest Blues
09. It Could Happen to You
10. Shapes

Larry Coryell (Guitar); Cedar Walton (Piano); Buster Williams (Bass); Billy Drummond (Drums).

Larry Coryell - Moonlight Whispers (2001)

01. Ganjes (R. Majumdar)
02. Kawloon Jag (L. Coryell)
03. Song of the Swan (R. Majumdar)
04. Trem Brazil-India (L. Coryell)
05. Sunrise (R. Majumdar)
06. Stoppin' short (L. Coryell)
07. Brothers (A. Banerjee)
08. One-O-Eight (L. Coryell)
09. Moonlight Whispers (R. Majumdar)

Larry Coryell (Guitar); Sina Vodjani (Synthesisers); Pandit Ronu Majumdar (Bansuri flute); Keyvan Chemirani (Dafa & zarb percussion); Abhijit Banerjee (Tabla).

Larry Coryell - The Coryells (2000)

01. Sentenza Del Cuore - Allegro (Larry Coryell)
02. Sentenza Del Cuore - Interlude (Larry Coryell)
03. Sentenza Del Cuore - Adagio (Larry Coryell)
04. Goodbye Porkpie Hat (Charles Mingus)
05. Sink Or Swim (Julian Coryell)
06. Zimbabwe (Larry Coryell)
07. Low-Lee-Tah (Larry Coryell)
08. Love And Happyness (Al Green/Mabon Lewis Hodges)
09. Something Pretty (Julian Coryell)
10. Trouble No More (McKinley Morganfield a.k.a. Muddy Waters)
11. Funky Waltz (Alphonse Mouzon)
12. Transparence (Larry Coryell)
13. Somebody's Got To Win, Somebody's Got To Lose (Murali Coryell)
14. Song For Emily (Julian Coryell)

Larry Coryell (Guitar); Murali Coryell (Guitar, Vocals); Julian Coryell (Guitar); Alphonse Mouzon (Percussion); Brian Torff (Bass).

Larry Coryell - New High (2000)

01. Bags' Groove
02. Like Sonny
03. Funereal
04. Ursula
05. John Charles
06. Spiral Staircase
07. Old Folks
08. New High

Larry Coryell (Guitar); Shunzo Ono (Trumpet); Ronnie Mathews (Piano); Buster Williams (Double bass); Yoron Israel (Drums); Mark Sherman (Vibraphone).

Larry Coryell, Hariprasad Chaurasia & Vikku Vinayakram - Music Without Boundaries (2000)

01. Celebration - Part 1
02. Celebration - Part 2
03. Creation - Part 1
04. Creation - Part 2
05. Passion

Hari Prasad Chaurasia (Flute); Larry Coryell (Guitar); George Brooks (Saxophone); John Wubbenhorst (Keyboards); Vikku Vinayakram (Ghatam); Mindia Devi Klein (Tanpura); Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (Bansuri).

Larry Coryell - Monk, Trane, Miles & Me (1998)

01. Star
02. Alone
03. Trinkle
04. Fairfield
05. Patience
06. Up
07. Naima
08. All
09. Almost

Santi Debriano (Bass); Yoron Israel (Drums); Larry Coryell (Guitar); Willie Williams (Tenor Saxophone).

Larry Coryell - Private Concert (1998) [192 Kbs]

01. Sonny Moon for Two
02. Brother K
03. Spring is Here
04. Pavane de la Belle au Bois Dormant
05. Spring will be a Little Late this year
06. Something
07. Hot House
08. Prelude #2
09. Django Fantasy
10. Spanish Suite
11. Body and Soul
12. Moon River

Larry Coryell - Cause And Effect (1998)

01. These Are Odd Times
02. Plankton
03. Wrong Is Right
04. Bubba
05. Cause and Effect
06. Night Visitors
07. Miss Guided Missile
08. First Things First
09. Night Visitors Revisited
10. Finale: Wes And Jimi

Larry Coryell (Guitar); Steve Smith (Drums); Tom Coster (Keyboards); Victor Wooten (Bass); Bernie Leitveld (Bass).

Larry Coryell - Spaces Revisited (1997)

01. The Dragon Gate
02. Hong Kong Breeze
03. Spaces Revisited
04. Variations On Good-Bye Pork Pie Hat
05. Blues For Django And Stephane
06. Morning Of The Carnival
07. Oleo
08. Introduction To "Ruby"
09. Ruby, My Dear

Larry Coryell, Bireli Lagrene (Guitars); Billy Cobham (Drums); Richard Bona (Bass).

Larry Coryell - Sketches of Coryell (1996)

01. A Sketch Of Spain
02. Feel Like Makin' Love
03. Big Fun
04. I Am Singing
05. The Awakening
06. Molly
07. Ring Around The Moon
08. Soulin'
09. My Brother
10. Ray Of Hope

Larry Coryell (Guitar, Keyboards); Kennan Keating (Drum Programming, Keyboards, Percussion); Kenwood Dennard (Drums); Julian Coryell, Mark Sherman, Peter Moffitt )Keyboards); Rodney Jones (Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar); Emedin Rivera, Jonathan Abrams (Percussion); Dave Mann, Mark Johnson (Soprano Saxophone);  Alex Sipiagin (Trumpet).

Larry Coryell - I'll Be Over You (1995)

01. I'll Be Over You
02. Redwing
03. Tonight is the Night
04. Try a Little Tenderness
05. St Louis Blues
06. For the Love of You
07. Nightshade
08. This Love of Ours
09. Before Dawn
10. Cumulus
11. Better Get Hit in Your Soul

Larry Coryell, Chuck Loeb (Guitars); Grover Washington, Jr., Donald Harrison (Saxophones); Rick Bottari, Mark Sherman, Chris Parks (Keyboards); Dan Heymann (Piano); Will Lee, Tracy Wormword (Bass); Steve Ferrone, Zach Danziger (Drums); David Charles (Percussion); Peabo Bryson (Lead vocals); Sharon Bryant, Vaneese Thomas, Carmen Cuesta, Lani Groves (Background vocals).

martes, 21 de marzo de 2017

Hiroshima - Songs with Words (2016)

01. Never, Ever
02. Roomful of mirrors
03. The door is open
04. One fine day
05. Da Da
06. Long time love
07. Tabo
08. Save yourself for me
09. Thousand cranes

Hiroshima - J-Town Beat (2013)

01. Red Buddha
02. Lost in Provence
03. State of Mind
04. Da Kitchen
05. Lady of Mystery
06. Kimochi
07. Meiji Mambo
08. Days Gone By
09. Afternoon Koto
10. Cruisin' J-Town
11. To Say Goodbye

Hiroshima - Departure (2012)

01. Have You Ever Wondered 
02. Koto Cruise
03. Blues For Senda
04. Smiling Jack 
05. See You Again
06. Yamasong Duet
07. First Nation
08. Thousand Cranes (2011)
09. One Wish

Hiroshima - Legacy (2009)

01. Winds Of Change
02. Turning Point
03. One Wish
04. Dada
05. I've Been Here Before
06. East
07. Roomful Of Mirrors
08. Another Place
09. Save Yourself For Me
10. Hawaiian Electric
11 Thousand Cranes

June Kuramoto (vocals, koto); Dan Kuramoto (vocals, shakuhachi); Kimo Cornwell (piano, keyboards); Dean Cortez (bass guitar); Danny Yamamoto (drums, percussion); Shoji Kameda (percussion).

Hiroshima - Little Tokyo (2007)

01. Midnite Sun
02. On The Fence
03. Lanai
04. Red Beans And Rice
05. Sir Charles
06. Hidden Times
07. Shades Of Honor
08. Quan Yin
09. Drama
10. Hiro Chill
11. Little Tokyo Underground

June Kuramoto (koto); Dan Kuramoto (alto saxophone); Kimo Cornwell (piano); Dean Cortez (bass instrument); Danny Yamamoto (drum); Shoji Kameda (percussion).
Additional personnel: Leslie Chew (guitar); Karen Hwa-Chee Han (erhu); James Lloyd (keyboards); Dean Taba (acoustic bass); Kenny Endo, Richie Gajate Garcia (percussion); Mary Garcia (unknown instrument).

Hiroshima - Obon (2005)

01. Swiss Ming
02. China Latina
03. Kototsu-Han (San Kyoku)
04. Atomic Cafe
05. Obon Two-Five
06. One Thursday Morning
07. Mr. Robben
08. Paris (Ici Avec Moi)
09. Pharoah
10. The Lighthouse
11. Heritage

June Kuramoto (koto); Dan Kuramoto (flute, shakuhachi, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, keyboards); Kimo Cornwell (piano, keyboards); Dean Cortez (bass instrument); Danny Yamamoto (drums); Shoji Kameda (taiko, percussion).
Additional personnel: Allen Hinds (guitar); Munyungo Jackson, Richie Gajate Garcia (percussion); DJ T-Rock (scratches).

Hiroshima - Spirit Of The Season (2004)

01. Spirit of the Season
02. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
03. Little Drummer Boy
04. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
05. Listen (To The Snow Falling)
06. White Christmas
07. I'll Be Home For Christmas
08. Peace on Earth
09. Winter Wonderland
10. Thousand Cranes
11. Silent Night

Hiroshima - The Bridge (2003)

01. Eternal Phoenix
02. Caravan of Love
03. Shaka Phonk
04. Believe
05. Revelation
06. Another Wish
07. I Just Wanna Hang Around You
08. Manzanar
09. Viven
10. Sanju
11. Seven Rivers

Terry Steele (vocals, percussion); June Kuramoto (spoken vocals, koto, percussion); Dan Kuramato (soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, alto flute, shakuhachi, keyboards); Kimo Cornwell (piano, Hammond B3 organ, keyboards, synthesizer); Fred Schreuders (guitar); Dean Cortez (bass); Danny Yamamoto (drums, taiko, percussion).

Hiroshima - Between Black & White (1999)

01. Mix Plate   
02. Dreams   
03. The Door Is Open   
04. Joe Jazz   
05. Sup Poze   
06. Picasso's Dance   
07. After The Rain   
08. Things Unsaid   
09. Circle Of Friends   
10. World Of Dreams   
11. Omotai   
12. Sol Cruz

Dan Kuramoto (vocals, saxophone, flute, shakuhachi, keyboards, synthesizer); Fred Schreuders (vocals, guitar); Dean Cortez (vocals, bass); June Kuramoto (koto, percussion); Kimo Cornwell (piano, Hammond B-3 organ, keyboards, synthesizer); Danny Yammamoto (keyboards, drums, taiko, percussion); Johnny Mori (taiko, percussion).

Hiroshima - Urban World Music (1996)

01. Unspoken Love
02. Passion Pain
03. Let Me Be Your Baby
04. Heiwa (Peace)
05. Through My Eyes
06. Ripples in Our Waterfall
07. Timekeeper
08. Love How You Love Me
09. Urban World
10. None of Us Are Free
11. Koto Blues
12. Hipnotic
13. Walking With Angels

Dan Kuramoto (vocals, chant, flute, shakuhachi, saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, keyboards, synthesizer, programming); Kimaya Seward (vocals, chant, keyboards, percussion, background vocals); Dean Cortez (vocals, acoustic bass); Hamish Stuart (vocals); Robin Millar (chant, guitar, keyboards, programming); June Kuramoto (chant, koto, shamisen, percussion); Kimo Cornwell (chant, piano, keyboards, synthesizer, programming); Jock Loveband (chant, programming); Freeman Seward, Monty Seward, Terry Steele (chant, background vocals); Dave Iwataki (keyboards, synthesizer); Danny Yamamoto (keyboards, drums, taiko, percussion); Johnny Mori (taiko, percussion); David Mirandon, Richie Gajate Garcia (percussion); Eric Stoltz, Jeff Silverman, Adam Green , Mark Smith , Andrew Scheps, Thomas Dawson (programming); Evangeline Seward, Gwyn Foxx, Linsey Fiddmont (background vocals).

Hiroshima - LA (1994)

01. Voices
02. One Fine Day
03. Love & Understanding 
04. Only Love
05. Bop-Hop
06. Once Before I Sleep
07. Native Soul
08. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
09. Live Together
10. One World

Hiroshima - Providence (1992)

01. Time on the Nile   
02. Cry of the Sea
03. Turning Point
04. Island World
05. Ribbon in the Sky
06. With This Heart
07. Autumn Moon
08. Kazen
09. Providence
10. One of Us

Jennette Clinger (vocals); Allen Hinds, Michael Landau, Ray Fuller (guitar); June Kuramoto (koto, shamisen, background vocals); Dan Kuramoto (flute, shakuhachi, saxophone, keyboards, synthesizer, programming, background vocals); Michael Paulo (alto saxophone); Gary Grant, Harry Kim, Joey DeFrancesco (trumpet); Kimo Cornwell (keyboards, synthesizer, programming, background vocals); Diane Louie (keyboards); Danny Yamamoto (drums, taiko); John "J.R." Robinson , Carlos Vega (drums); Vince Charles (steel drum); Johnny Mori (taiko, percussion); Richie Gajate Garcia (percussion, background vocals); Eric Hansen (programming); Lynn Fiddmont, Dave "the Blade" Knight, Dean Cortez, Jim Gilstrap, Alex Brown, Julie Delgado, Angel Rogers, Carmen Carter (background vocals).

Hiroshima - East (1989)

01. Midtown Higashi    
02. East   
03. Tabo   
04. Living in America   
05. Daydreamer   
06. The Golden Age   
07. Streetcorner Paradise   
08. Come To Me   
09. You And Me   
10. Thousand Cranes

Machun, Thomas J. Parker (vocals, guitar); Dan Kuramoto (vocals, flute, shakuhachi, saxophone, keyboards, synthesizer, programming, drum programming, background vocals); Dean Cortez, Jim Gilstrap, Phillip Ingram, Augie Johnson (vocals, background vocals); Charlotte Crossley, Jo Ann Harris, Stephen Peevy, John Lehman, Scherrie Payne (vocals); T.J. Parker (guitar, background vocals); David Williams (guitar); June Kuramoto (koto, shamisen); Takeshi Itoh (alto saxophone); Danny Yamamoto (keyboards, synthesizer, drums, cymbals, percussion, programming, drum programming); Derek Nakamoto, Kimo Cornwell, Skylark (keyboards, synthesizer, programming); Casey Young (Synclavier); Johnny Mori (taiko, percussion); Luis Conte (percussion); Marva Barnes, Lillian Tynes, Phil Perry (background vocals).

Hiroshima - Go (1987)

01. Go
02. I've Been Here Before
03. 311
04. No.9
05. Obon
06. Even Then
07. Hawaiian Electric
08. Why Can't I Love You

Dan Kuramoto (vocals, flute, shakuhachi, saxophone, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, drum programming); Danny Yamamoto (vocals, drums, percussion); June Kuramoto (vocals, koto, shamisen); Brad Cole (vocals, keyboards, synthesizer, drum programming, background vocals); Johnny Mori (vocals, taiko, percussion); Barbara Long (vocals, background vocals); Dean Cortez (vocals); George Duke (guitar, keyboards, Synclavier, background vocals); Michael Landau, Carl Burnett (guitar); Derek Nakamoto (keyboards, synthesizer, drum programming); Luis Conte (congas, percussion); Alexandra Brown, Carl Carwell, Jim Gilstrap, Josie James, Lynn Davis (background vocals).

Hiroshima - Ongaku (1986)

01. Lion Dance
02. Roomful Of Mirrors
03. Kokoro
04. Da-Da
05. Holidays
06. Taiko Song
07. Crusin’ J-Town
08. Odori
09. Echoes
10. Windows Of Change (Henka No Nagare)
11. Warriors
12. Shinto
13. All I Want
14. Fortune Teller

Michael Boddicker (synthesizer); Dean Cortez (bass); Vince Charles (steel drums, timbales); Pat Murphy (congas); Alex Acuna (congas, timbales); Masao & Manabu (sho); Alex Brown, Carloyn Dennis, Donna Fein, Jim Gilstrap, Merry Greene, Miki Howard, Marlena Jeter, Augie Johnson, Jon Joyce, Rich Page, Zedrick Turnbough, Lillian Tyne (background vocals).

Hiroshima - Another Place (1985)

01. One Wish
02. Save Yourself for Me
03. Another Place
04. I Do Remember
05. The Game
06. Undercover
07. Stay Away
08. What’s It to Ya?
09. Touch and Go

June Kuramoto (vocals, koto, shamisen); Dan Kuramoto (vocals, flute, saxophone, keyboards, synthesizer, percussion, programming, computer); Danny Yamamoto (vocals, drums, percussion, drum programming); Darryl Phinnessee, Barbara Long, Jim Gilstrap, John Lehman, Julia Waters, Keithen Carter, Marva King, Maxine Willard Waters, Tchad Blake, Beloyd Taylor (vocals, background vocals); David Williams , David Williams , T.J. Parker, Thomas J. Parker (guitar); Pat Leonard, Patrick Leonard (keyboards, synthesizer, programming); Kimo Cornwell (keyboards, synthesizer); Tim Aller (synthesizer, programming); Johnny Mori (taiko, percussion); Luis Conte (timbales, percussion).

Hiroshima - Best Of Hiroshima (1984)

01. San Say   
02. Another Place   
03. Turning Point   
04. One Wish
05. Thousand Cranes
06. Hawaiian Electric 
07. Go
08. Island World
09. I Do Remember   
10. Time On The Nile
11. I've Been Here Before

Hiroshima - Thrid Generation (1983)

01. Heavenly Angel
02. We Are
03. Ren
04. Do What You Can
05. San Say
06. Distant Thoughts
07. From the Hearth
08. Long Walks
09. Fifths
10. Sukoshi Bit

June Kuramoto (vocals, koto); Dan Kuramoto (vocals, flute, shakuhachi, saxophone, synthesizer, percussion); Teri Kusumoto (vocals, percussion, background vocals); Peter Hata (guitar); Derek Nakamoto (keyboards, synthesizer, background vocals); David Garfield, Dave Iwataki (keyboards, synthesizer); Danny Yamamoto (vibraphone, drums, taiko, percussion); Pat Murphy (congas, percussion); Johnny Mori (taiko, percussion); Jess Acuna (percussion, background vocals); Leila Thigpen, Jim Gilstrap, Marilyn Scott, Bunny Hull (background vocals).

Hiroshima - Odori (1980)

01. Cruisin' J-Town
02. Odori
03. Echoes
04. Winds of Change (Henka No Nagare) 
05. Warriors
06. Shinto
07. All I Want
08. Fortune Teller

Jess Acuña (Conga, Percussion, Vocals); Michael Boddicker (Synthesizer);  Peter Hata (Guitar); Danny Yamamoto (Drums); Dan Kuramoto (Flute, Percussion, Saxophone, Vocals); Teri Kusumoto (Percussion, Vocals); Richard Mathews (Keyboards, Synthesizer); Dane Matsumura (Bass); Johnny Mori (Percussion, Taiko Drums); Jim Gilstrap, Lillian Tyne, Marlena Jeter, Augie Johnson (Vocals Background).

Hiroshima - Hiroshima (1979)

01. Lion Dance
02. Roomful of Mirrors
03. Kokoro
04. Long Time Love
05. Da-Da
06. Never, Ever
07. Holidays
08. Taiko Song

Dane Matsumura (Bass); Johnny Mori (Drums [Taiko Japanese Drum], Percussion); Danny Yamamoto (Drums, Percussion); Richard "Arms" Mathews (Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals); Dan Kuramoto June Okida Kuramoto (Koto); Jess Acuna , Teri Kusumoto (Saxophone, Flute, Flute Japanese, Percussion, Vocals).

lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017

V.A. Smooth Jazz Vol. 14 - When Divas Meets Jazz (by SJAZZ4EVER)

Eliane Elias - Bossa Nova Stories (2008)

01. Girl from Ipanema
02. Chega de Saudade
03. More I See You
04. They Can't Take That Away from Me
05. Desafinado
06. Estate (Summer)
07. Day in Day Out
08. I'm Not Alone (Who Love You?)
09. Too Marvelous for Words
10. Superwoman
11. Falsa Baiana
12. Minha Saudade
13. Rã [The Frog]
14. Day by Day

Eliane Elias (Vocals, piano); Oscar Castro Neves (Guitar); Marc Johnson (Bass); Paulo Braga (Drums, percussion); Toots Thielemans (Harmonica); Ivan Lins (Vocal); Orchestra arranged and conducted by Rob Mathes.

Eliane Elias - Around The City (2006)

01. Running
02. Oye Como Va
03. Around the city
04. Jammin´
05. Segredos (Secrets)
06. We´re So Good
07. Tropicalia
08. Slide Show
09. A Vizinha do Lado (The Next Door Neighbor)
10. Save Your Love For Me
11. Chiclete com Banana
12. Another Day
13. Segredos (Secrets),Pt.2

Eliane Elias (Fender Rhodes, Organ Hammond, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals); Vicente Amigo (Guitar Acoustic); Paulinho Braga (Drums); Amanda Elias Brecker (Clapping); Randy Brecker (Trumpet); Oscar Castro (Guitar Acoustic); Paulinho Da Costa (Percussion); Gilmar Gomes (Percussion); Gene Lake (Drums); Andres Levin, Adam Rodgers (Guitar); Dave Valentin (Flute).

Eliane Elias - Dreamer (2004)

01. Call Me
02. Baubles, Bangles And Beads
03. Photograph
04. Movin’ Me On
05. So Nice
06. That’s All
07. Tangerine
08. Dreamer
09. Time Alone
10. Doralice
11. A House is Not a Home

Eliane Elias (vocals, piano); Oscar Castro-Neves, Guilherme Monteiro (guitar); Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone); Michael Mainieri, Jr. (vibraphone); Marc Johnson (bass guitar); Paulinho Braga (drums).

Eliane Elias - Brazilian Classics (2003)

01. Passarium
02. Chega de Saudade
03. Carioca Nights ( Noites Cariocas )
04. Garota de Ipanema ( Girl From Ipanema )
05. Milton Nascimento Medley
06. Waters of March / ?gua de Beber
07. One Note Samba
08. Crystal And Lace
09. Jazz 'N' Samba
10. Brazil
11. Iluminados
12. Jet Samba
13. Wave
14. Black Orpheus
15. Dindi
16. O Polichinelo

Eliane Elias (vocals, piano, synthesizer); Oscar Castro Neves (vocals, acoustic guitar); Ivan Lins, Malcolm Pollack, Amanda Elias Brecker (vocals); Michael Brecker (tenor saxophone); Dave Valentin (flute); Jim Beard (synthesizer); Marc Johnson, Eddie Gomez (bass); Jack DeJonette, Peter Erskine, Paulo Braga, Satoshi Takeishi (drums); Portinho (shaker); Cafe, Nana Vasconselos (percussion).

Eliane Elias - Kissed By Nature (2002)

01. Kissede By Nature
02. A Volta
03. Manhattan
04. Apareceu
05. Pererê
06. Where Did You Go
07. Balancê
08. Djavan Medley
09. October
10. September
11. Luar
12. Kissed Ky Nature (Remix)
13. Balancê (Remix)

Rick Margitza (Sax Tenor); Joey Baron (Percussion, Drums); Paulinho Braga (Percussion, Drums); Randy Brecker (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Eliane Elias (Piano, Arranger, Producer, Vocals); Marc Johnson (Bass).