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jueves, 27 de julio de 2017

Caribbean Jazz Project - Afro Bop (2008)

01. Rendezvous
02. Naima
03. Five For Elvin
04. Soul Sauce
05. Picture Frame
06. Stolen Moments
07. Birds Of A Feather
08. Afro Green
09. Bemsha Swing

Steve "Syco Steve" Williams (Soprano saxophone, alto saxophone); Andy Axelrad (Alto saxophone); Luis Hernández, Vince Norman (Tenor saxophone); Rob Holmes (Baritone saxophone); Greg Reese, Chris Walter, Nick Cooper (Trumpet); Jim McFalls, Ben Patterson (Trombone); Dave Samuels (Vibraphone, marimba); Joe McCarthy (Drums, claves, shaker, timbales, percussion, bells).

Caribbean Jazz Project - Mosaic (2006)

01. Nardis
02. St. Ogredol
03. Portraits of Cuba
04. Afro Green
05. Wazo Dayzeel
06. Slow Dance
07. Spinnaker
08. Mambo de Luna (Para Cachao)
09. Dusk

Dave Samuels (Vibrafono y Marimba); Paquito D’Rivera (Saxo Alto); Andy Narell (Steel Pans); Mark Walker (Batería); Christian Howes (Violin); Alain Mallet (Piano, Organo); Dafnis Prieto (Batería); Roberto Quintero (Percusiones); Oscar Stagnaro (Bajo); Boris Kozlov (Bajo acústico); Alon Yavnai (Piano).

Caribbean Jazz Project - Here And Now - Live In Concert (2005)

CD 1:
01. Rendevous
02. Stolen Moments
03. Turnabout
04. Arthur's Dance
05. The Gathering
06. Picture Frame
07. Bemsha Swing

CD 2:
01. One Step Ahead
02. Mariella's Dream
03. On The Road
04. Five For Elvin
05. Naima
06. Night In Tunisia
07. Viva Cepeda

Diego Urcola (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Dario Eskenazi (Piano); Dave Samuels (Vibraphone, marimba); Oscar Stagnaro (Bass instrument); Mark Walker (Drums); Roberto Quintero (Congas, percussion).

Caribbean Jazz Project - Birds of a Feather (2003)

01. Birds of a Feather 
02. On the Road 
03. Turnabout
04. Against the Law 
05. Tell Me a Bedtime Story
06. Valencia 1 
07. Picture Frame 
08. Blue 
09. Weird Nightmare 
10. Minor Mood 

Dave Samuels (Marimbas, Vibraphone); Ruben Rodreguez (Bass); Romero Lubambo (Guitar); Robert Quintero (Percussion, Conga); Dario Eskenazi (Piano); Randy Brecker (Trumpet); Ray Vega (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Mark Walker (Drums); Dafnis Prieto (Drums, Timbales); Café (Percussion).

Caribbean Jazz Project - The Gathering (2002)

01. Rendezvous
02. Stolen Moments
03. See You In A Minute
04. Gathering, The
05. Bemsha Swing
06. Liberated
07. El Guarachero Intrigozo (The Scheming Party Animal)
08. Path, The
09. Masacoteando (In The Groove)

Dave Samuels (Vibraphone, marimba); Dave Valentin (Flute); Ruben Rodriguez (Bass); Dafnis Prieto (Drums, timabales); Richie Flores (Congas); Dario Eskenazi (Piano); Roberto Quintero (Congas, percussion). Additional personnel: Paquito D'Rivera (Alto saxophone).

Caribbean Jazz Project - Paraíso (2001)

01. One Step Ahead
02. Naima
03. Maluco
04. Caravan
05. El Tacano
06. Five For Elvin
07. Second Opinion
08. Jamboree
09. Ca-Ni-Mo!
10. Obaricoso / Ritmos, Colores, Y Sentidos

Dave Valentin (Flute); Dave Samuels (Vibraphone, marimba); Steve Khan (Guitar, guiro); Ruben Rodriguez (Bass); Dafnis Prieto (Drums, timbales); Richie Flores (Congas, shekere); Luisito Quintero (Timbales, percussion), Ray Vega (Flugelhorn); Conrad Herwig (Trombone); Poncho Sanchez (Congas).

Caribbean Jazz Project - New Horizons (2000)

01. Descarga Canelon
02. Ivory Coast
03. Rain Forest
04. Charanga Si, Si
05. Night in Tunisia, A
06. Moon and Sand
07. Over the Horizon
08. Arthur's Dance :: Danzon Para Arturo
09. Safe and Sound :: Sano Y Salvo
10. Rompiendo el Hielo 2000

Dave Valentin (Flute, whistle, background vocals); Dave Samuels (Vibraphone, marimba); Steve Khan (Guitar).
Additional personnel: John Benitez (Bass, background vocals); Richie Flores (Bongos, congas, percussion, background vocals); Robert Vilera (Timbales, percussion); Caridad Canelon (Background vocals).

Caribbean Jazz Project - Island Stories (1997)

01. Bluellespie
02. Sadie's Dance
03. Calabash
04. Tjaded Motion (For Cal Tjader)
05. Zigzag
06. Andalucia
07. Shadow Play
08. Libertango
09. The Lost Voice
10. Grass Roots

Paquito D'Rivera (Clarinet, Sax Alto, Soprano); Andy Narell (Steel Pan); Dario Eskenazi (Piano); Dave Samuels (Marimba, Vibraphone); Oscar Stagnaro (Bass); Mark Walker (Drums).

Caribbean Jazz Project - The Caribbean Jazz Project (1995)

01. One For Tom
02. Abracadabra
03. Carousel
04. Como un Bolero
05. Paco and Dave
06. Valse Triste
07. Latin Quarter
08. Todo Aquel Ayer
09. Three Amigos
10. Afro
11. Cafe España

Paquito D'Rivera (Alto saxophone, clarinet); Dave Samuels (Marimba, vibraphone); Dario Eskenazi (Piano); Oscar Stagnaro (Bass); Mark Walker (Drums); Andy Narell (Steel pans); Luis Conte (Congas, bongos, timbales, percussion).

David Benoit - The Best (1987/1995)

01. Drive Time
02. Every Step Of The Way
03. Cast Your Fate To The Wind
04. Searching For June
05. M.W.A. (Musicians With Attitude)
06. Linus And Lucy
07. Kei's Song
08. The Key To You
09. Freedom At Midnight
10. Still Standing
11. Wailea
12. Letter To Evan
13. Urban Daydreams
14. Mediterranean Nights

David Benoit (Piano, Hammond B3, keyboards); Eric Marienthal (Alto and soprano saxes); Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar); Nathan East (Bass); Ricky Lawson (Drums); Michael Fisher (Percussion); Jerry Hey (Trumpet); Gary Grant (Trumpet); Charles Loper (Trombone); Bruce Dukov (Strings, concertmaster).

David Benoit - Shaken Not Stirred (1994)

01. Wailea  
02. I Went to Bat for You  
03. Any Other Time  
04. Carmel  
05. Sparks Flew  
06. Shaken, Not Stirred  
07. Chi Chi's Eyes  
08. Days of Old  
09. Jacqueline  
10. Sarah's Theme

David Benoit (Piano); Peter Sprague (Guitar); Tony Morales (Drums); Kim Stone (Bass); Eric Marienthal (Saxophone); Simon Phillips (Drums); Joe Pena (Bass); Dave Enos (Bass); David Pack (Vocals); Kenny Rankin (Vocals); David Anderson (Drums); Carlos Trujillo (Percussion).

David Benoit & Russ Freeman - The Benoit Freeman Project (1994)

01. Reunion
02. When She Believed in Me
03. Mediterranean Nights
04. Swept Away
05. The End of Our Season
06. After the Love Has Gone
07. Smartypants
08. It's the Thought That Counts
09. Mirage
10. That's All I Could Say

David Benoit (Piano), Russ Freeman (Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion), Kenny Loggins,
Phil Perry, Vesta (Vocal), John Robinson (Drums), Nathan East (Bass), Tony Morales (Drums), Jerry Hey (Trumpet), Steve Reid (Percussion).

David Benoit - Lost And Found (1994)

01. Aphrodesia
02. Flight of the Tse Tse Fly
03. Entre-nous
04. Winning Ticket
05. You Never Love Me the Same Way Twice
06. Don't Wait for the Sun
07. Millennium's Gate
08. Tainted Love
09. 96-132 Minus 1
10. East Coast Dancer
11. Nick's at 3:30 (Producer's Cut)

David Benoit (Keyboards); Arnold McCuller (Vocals); John Wheelock, Michael Miller , Mike Miller, Freddie Harris (Guitar); Tim Weisberg (Flute); Doug Richardson (Soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone); Ralph Benatar (Soprano saxophone); Henry Kranen, Vince Denham (Tenor saxophone); Harry Kim (Trumpet, flugelhorn); W. Michael Lewis (Keyboards); Dave Williams , Wade Short (Acoustic bass, electric bass); Gary Ferguson (Drums, percussion); Marc Singer, Shamsi Sarumi, Hector Andrade, Marcelino Valdez, Bobbye Hall (Percussion).

David Benoit - Letter To Evan (1992)

01. Letter To Evan
02. Waiting For Love
03. On Golden Pond
04. The Island
05. Looking Over Eastlake
06. Knit For Mary F.
07. Kathy' Waltz
08. Things Are Getting Better
09. Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
10. Take 6
11. Blues At Sunset

David Benoit (Piano); Michael Fisher (Whistling, marimba, pandeiro, shaker); Dori Caymmi , Larry Carlton, Peter Sprague (Guitar); Larry Corbett, Stephen Erdody (Cello); Jim Walker (Flute); Jim Thatcher (French horn); Steve Bailey (Bass guitar); Terri Lyne Carrington (Drums, surdo, tambourine); Al Foster, Peter Erskine (Drums); Luis Conte (Bongos, bata, cymbals, finger cymbals, djembe, triangle).

David Benoit - Shadows (1991)

01. Overture
02. Over the Edge
03. Have You Forgotten? (interlude)
04. Shadows
05. Saudade
06. Moments
07. Already There
08. Still Standing
09. Castles
10. Have You Forgotten?
11. Reprise

David Benoit (Guitar, piano, electric piano, synthesizer); Dori Caymmi , Don Caymmi (Vocals, guitar); Valerie Pinkston-Mayo, Valerie Pinkston (Vocals, background vocals); Marcel East (Guitar, synthesizer, drums, percussion, drum programming); Patrick Kelly (Guitar); Amy Schulman (Harp); Joel Deroin, Michele Richards, Henry Ferber, Jay Rosen, Joel Derouin, Patricia Johnson , Sid Page, Bruce Dukov, Peter Kent (Violin); Raymond Tischer, Roland Kato (Viola); Suzie Kattayama, Suzie Katayama, Larry Corbett (Cello); Michael Paulo (Saxophone, soprano saxophone); Michael "Patches" Stewart (Trumpet, flugelhorn); Ray Brown (Trumpet); Freddie Hubbard (Flugelhorn); Sally Bonebrake (French horn); John "J. R." Robinson , Jeff Porcaro (Drums); Chris Trujillo, Michael Fisher, Tom Aros (Percussion).

David Benoit - Inner Motion (1990)

01. M.W.A. (Musicians With Attitude)
02. Coconut roads
03. Every Corner of The World
04. String Poet
05. Houston
06. Along Love's Highway
07. Deep Light
08. El Camino Real
09. South East Quarter
10. A Last Request

David Benoit (Steinway Piano, synths strings, synth brass, Yamaha Midi piano, Fender Rhodes), Marcel East (Drum Machine & Synthesizer programming), Vinnie Colaiuta ( Drums), Gary Herbig (Clarinet), Brandon Fields (Alto Sax), Pat Kelly (Electric & acoustic guitars), Neil Stubenhaus (Bass), Steve Forman (Percussion), Steve Bailey  (Acoustic bass guitar), Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar), Eric Marienthal (Soprano Sax).

David Benoit - Waiting For Spring (1989)

01. Waiting for Spring 
02. After the Snow Falls
03. Cast Your Fate to the Wind
04. Turn Out the Stars
05. Cabin Fever
06. Cat on a Windowsill
07. Some Other Sunset
08. My Romance
09. Funkallero
10. I Remember Bill Evans
11. Fireside
12. Secret Love

David Benoit (Piano); Emily Remler, Robert Benoit (Guitar); Peter Erskine (Drums).

David Benoit - Some Other Sunset (1998)

01. Some Other Sunset See
02. Oslo
03. Oceana
04. Can You Imagine
05. Hermosa Skyline
06. If I Could Reach Rainbows
07. Stages
08. Life Is Like a Samba See
09. I Remember Bill Evans 

David Benoit (piano, keyboards, synthesizer); Grant Geissman (acoustic guitar, electric guitar); Sam Riney (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); Walt Johnson (trumpet, flugelhorn); Bob Feldman (electric bass, fretless bass); Tony Morales (drums); Bobbye Hall (percussion).

David Benoit - Urban Daydreams (1988)

01. Sailing Through the City  
02. Urban Daydreams  
03. Snow Dancing  
04. Wild Kids  
05. Seattle Morning  
06. Cloud Break  
07. When the Winter's Gone (Song for a Stranger)  
08. Safari  
09. Looking Back  
10. As If I Could Reach Rainbows

David Benoit (Piano); Don Grusin (Synthesizers); Eric Marienthal (Saxophone); Carlos Vega (Drums); Jimmy Johnson (Bass); Abraham Laboriel (Bass); Alex Acuna (Drums); Jennifer Warnes (Vocals); Oscar Castro-Neves (Percussion); Judd Miller (E.V.I.).

miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Bunny Brunell & Friends - Bass Ball (2017)

01. Nothing but the Bass (feat. Armand Sabal-Leco & John Wackerman)
02. Slap & Tickle (feat. Victor Wooten, Hadrien Feraud & Dennis Chambers)
03. Stand Out (feat. Armand Sabal-Leco, Monette Marino & Bryan Cabrera)
04. Lopsy Lu (feat. Steve Bailey, Billy Sheehan & Simon Phillips)
05. Bay of the Angels (feat. Tony Bonfils, Alex Perdigon, Eric Giausserand & Steve Ferrone)
06. Gigi (feat. Johan Franzon)
07. Lulu (feat. Kaylene Peoples, Luisa Dunn, Larry Dunn & Steve Ferrone)
08. For You to Play (feat. Johan Franzon)
09. Freedom Jazz Dance (feat. Marc Bertaux, Jerry Lopez, Nick Smith, Monette Marino & Ike Willey) 
10. John's Space (feat. Josquin Des Pres, Kaylene Peoples, Monette Marino & Ike Willey)
11. Tradition (feat. Nick Smith, Chris Moraga & Clayton Cameron) 
12. Bay of the Angels (Extended Version) [feat. Kaylene Peoples, Alex Perdigon, Eric Giausserand, Dominique Bertram, Fifi Chayeb, Tony Bonfils & Steve Ferrone]

Bunny Brunel - Invent Your Future (2015)

01. Invent Your Future
02. Herbert
03. Fickle Funk
04. Continuum
05. Night Streets
06. Armando
07. Austin
08. Hymn of the 7 Dwarfs
09. Essassani
10. March Seventeen
11. Twang
12. Herbert 2

Bunny Brunel (Bass & Keyboards); Patrice Rushen: (Piano, Keyboards) ;Patrick Moraz (Keyboards); Dayramir Gonzales (Piano); Austin Peralta (Piano); Nick Smith (Electric Piano); Haakon Graf (Electric Piano); Sandeep Chowta (Keyboards); Bernie Torelli (Rhythm Guitar & Special Created Loops); Tony Mac Alpine (Guitar); Frank Gambale (Guitar); Wahwah Watson (Rhythm Guitars); Julia Kosterova (Guitar); Kaylene People (Flute); Al Vizzutti (Flugelhorn); Doug Webb (Sax); Alex Perdigon (Trombone); Joel Chausse (Trumpet); Christian Moraga (Percussion); Clayton Cameron (Drums); Virgil Donati (Drums); Jimmy Branly (Drums); Tom Bretchlein (Drums); Chad Wackerman (Drums); John Wackerman (Drums).

Bunny Brunel - L.A. Zoo Revisited (2004)

01. Tropicana (Brunel)
02. Ivanhoe (Brunel)
03. Vivian's Boogie (Brunel)
04. Blue Touch (Brunel)
05. Maybe Tuesday (Brunel)
06. Led Boots (Middleton)
07. Ten Years Later (Brunel)
08. Bunny's Blues (Brunel)
09. Stratus (Cobham)
10. L.A. Zoo (Brunel-Palmer)
11. Vlad (Brunel)
12. Michael (Brunel-Palmer)
13. Tiger (Brunel)

Bunny Brunel (Fretted bass, fretless bass, piccolo bass); Vivian Campbell, Ray Gomez, Mike Stern, Mike Palmer, Craig Adams (Guitars); Brian Auger (B3 organ); Virgil Donati (Drums); Jeff Grossberg (Harmonica).

Bunny Brunel & Friends - Cafe au lait (2004)

01. Cafe au lait (Brunel)
02. Canto triste (Brunel-De Moraes-Lobo)
03. Ponteio (Capinan-Lobo)
04. When You're Gone (Brunel)
05. Florida (Brunel)
06. Everywhere (Brunel-Goyone)
07. Before (Brunel)
08. Isaac & Lea (Brunel)
09. Pretty Soon (Brunel-Lobo)

Bunny Brunel (Bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards); Mike Stern, Ray Gomez, Danny Toan (Guitars); Billy Childs, Patrice Rushen (Piano); Steve Weingart (Keyboards); Bill Watrous (Trombone); Laweeyum (Trumpet); Doug Web (Saxophone); John Wackerman, Andre Ceccarelli, Gerry Brown (Drums); Airto Moreira, Flora Purim (Vocals).

Bunny Brunel - For You to Play (1994)

01. New Blues (Brunel)
02. Champagne & You (Brunel)
03. For You to Play (Brunel)
04. Basie's Moon (Brunel)
05. Chan's Song (Hancock)
06. Liven Up (Brunel)
07. Little Thing (Brunel)
08. One for Clint (Brunel-Eastwood)

Bunny Brunel (Bass, electric upright bass, piccolo bass); Mike Stern (Guitar); Billy Childs (Piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboards); Terri Lyne Carrington, Cliff Almond (Drums).

Bunny Brunel - Dedication (with Mike Stern, Billy Childs, Vinnie Colaiuta) (1992)

01. Fall (Shorter)
02. Falling Grace (Swallow)
03. Dolphin Dance (Hancock)
04. Pinocchio (Shorter)
05. Song for Bill & Eddie (Brunel)
06. Stella by Starlight (Young-Washington)
07. Pebble Beach (Brunel)
08. Relaxin' at Camarillo (Parker)
09. Someday My Prince Will Come (Churchill-Morey)
10. Twelve Bars for Liebestraum (Corea)

Bunny Brunel (Acoustic upright bass); Mike Stern (Guitar); Billy Childs (Piano); Chick Corea (Piano #10); Vinnie Colaiuta (Drums).

Bunny Brunel - Momentum (1989)

01. Little Thing
02. Momentum
03. Emily
04. Wacko
05. Vlad
06. Again
07. Temperamental
08. Five
09. L.A. Bebop
10. Get Well
11. Miami

Bunny Brunel (Fretless bass, electric upright bass); Kei Akagi (Keyboards); John "Wacko" Wackerman (Drums, percussion); Frank Gambale (Guitar); Patrick Moraz (Synthesizers).

Bunny Brunel - Ivanhoe (1982)

01. Ivanhoe (Brunel)
02. Going Home (Brunel-Brunel)
03. Dede (Brunel)
04. Latin (Brunel-Goyone)
05. Magic Player (Brunel-Brunel)
06. Song for Wayne (Brunel)
07. As My Brother (Brunel)
08. Nani (Brunel)

Bunny Brunel (Fretless bass, electric upright bass); Chick Corea (Mini-Moog, Fender Rhodes); Herbie Hancock (Piano); Stanley Clarke (Piccolo bass); Tony Willaims (Drums); Joe Farrell (Tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone); Bill Watrous (Trombone); Al Vizzutti (Trumpet); Steve Kujala (Tenor saxophone); Nicol Brunel (Vocals); Daniel Goyone, Kei Akagi, Ken Shima (Keyboards); Michael O'Neill, Bernard Torelli (Guitars); Jean Paul Ceccarelli, Tom Brechtlein (Drums); Don Alias, Laudir De Oliviera (Percussions).

Bunny Brunel - Touch (with Daniel Goyone) (1978)

01. You (Brunel)
02. Everywhere (Brunel-Goyone)
03. Sandy Lake (Goyone)
04. Little Green Girl (Goyone)
05. Touch "1" (Brunel)
06. Nova (Goyone)
07. Little Wife (Brunel-Goyone)
08. Surprise (Brunel-Goyone)
09. Listen Now (Brunel)
10. Touch "2" (Brunel)
11. Golden Dew (Brunel)

Bunny Brunel (Fretless bass, electric upright bass); Daniel Goyone (Piano, Fender Rhodes); Chick Corea (Synthesizers); Andre Ceccarelli (Drums, percussion); Jean Paul Ceccarelli (Drums #11)); Nicol Villa (Vocals); Paul Nicola (Flutes); Bernard Torelli (Guitar); String Section from The Nice Opera (Conducted by Bunny Brunel & Daniel Goyone).

martes, 25 de julio de 2017

Emily Remler - Retrospective Volumen Two (Compositions) (1991)

01. Macha Spice
02. Nunca Mais
03. Waltz For My Grandfather
04. Catwalk
05. Blues For Herb
06. Transition
07. Firefly
08. East To West
09. Antonio
10. Mozambique

Emily Remler - Retrospective Volumen One (Standars) (1991)

01. Daahoud  
02. How Insensitive  
03. Strollin'  
04. Hot House  
05. In Your Own Sweet Way 
06. Joy Spring  
07. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise  
08. Afro Blue  
09. Del Sasser  
10. In a Sentimental Mood

Emily Remler - This Is Me (1990)

01. Deep in tune
02. Majestic dance
03. "E" samba
04. Love colors
05. Dark passage
06. You know what I'm saying
07. Song for Maggie
08. Around the bend
09. Carenia
10. Simplicidaje
11. Second childhood

Emily Remler (Guitar, guitar synthesizer); Maucha Adnet (Vocals); Jay Ashby (Trombone, percussion); Aydin Esen (Piano, keyboards); Bill O'Connell (Piano); David Benoit, Russ Freeman (Keyboards); Romero Lubambo (Acoustic guitar); Lincoln Goines, Jimmy Johnson (Bass); Jeff Porcaro, Ricky Sebastian, Daduka Fonseca (Drums); Luis Conte, Jeffrey Weber, Cafe (Percussion).

Emily Remler Trio - Live at Fitzpatrick's, Kansas City MO, (1989)

01. Blues for Herb
02. band intro
03. Sweet Georgia Fame
04. Daahoud
05. Mocha Spice
06. Mozambique
07. Snowfall
08. Hot House (cuts)
09. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
10. How Insensitive
11. Nardis
12. Moanin'
13. St. Thomas
14. Tenor Madness

Emily Remler (Guitar); Steve Unger (Drums); Kelly Roberti (Bass).

Emily Remler - East To Wes (1988)

01. Daahoud
02. Snowfall
03. Hot House
04. Sweet Georgie Fame
05. Ballad for a Music Box
06. Blues for Herb
07. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
08. East to Wes

Emily Remler (Guitar); Hank Jones (Piano); Marvin "Smitty" Smith (Drums); Buster Williams (Bass).

Larry Coryell & Emily Remler - Together (1985)

01. Arubian Nights
02. Joy Spring
03. Ill Wind
04. How My Heart Sings
05. Six Beats, Six Strings
06. Gerri's Blues
07. How Insensitive

Emily Remler - Catwalk (1984)

01. Mocha Spice
02. Catwalk
03. Gwendolyn
04. Antonio
05. Pedals
06. Five Years
07. Mozambique

Emily Remler (Guitar); John D'earth (Trumpet); Eddie Gómez (Bass); Bob Moses (Percussion, Drums).

Emily Remler - Transitions (1983)

01. Nunca Mais  
02. Searchin'  
03. Transitions  
04. Del Sasser  
05. Coral 
06. Ode to Mali

Emily Remler (Guitar); John D'Earth (Trumpet); Eddie Gomez (Bass); Bob Moses (Drums).

Emily Remler - Take Two (1982)

01. Cannonball 
02. In Your Own Sweet Way 
03. For Regulars Only 
04. Search for Peace 
05. Pocket Wes 
06. Waltz for My Grandfather 
07. Afro Blue 
08. Eleuthra

Emily Rembler (Guitar); James Williams (Piano); Don Thompson (Bass); Terry Clarke (Drums).

Emily Remler - Firefly (1981)

01. Strollin'
02. Look to the Sky
03. Perk's Blues
04. Firefly, The
05. Movin' Along
06. Taste of Honey, A
07. Inception
08. In a Sentimental Mood

Emily Remler (Guitar); Hank Jones (Piano); Bob Maize (Bass); Jake Hanna (Drums).

domingo, 23 de julio de 2017

David Benoit - Every Step Of The Way (1988)

01. Every Step Of The Way
02. Shibuya Station
03. The Key To You
04. Remembering What You Said
05. Once Running Free
06. ReBach
07. Sao Paulo
08. No Worries
09. I Just Can't Stop Loving You
10. Painted Desert
11. Saturdays

David Benoit (Piano, keyboards, synthesizer); Russ Freeman (Guitar); Harvey Mason (Drums); Stanley Clarke (Acoustic bass); Neil Stubenhaus (Bass); Michael Landau (Guitar); Nathan East (Bass, vocals); Sam Riney (Saxophone); Eric Marienthal (Alto saxophone); Randy Waldman (Keyboards); Gary Grant (Flugelhorn, trumpet); Jerry Hey (Flugelhorn, horn arrangements, trumpet); Bill Reichenbach Jr. (Trombone); Dave Valentin (Flute); Chris Hammer Smith (Harmonica); Grant Geissman (Guitar); Tom Ranier (Keyboards); Bob Feldman (Bass); John "J.R." Robinson (Drums, drum programming); Tony Morales (Drums); Luis Conte, Brad Dutz, Michael Fisher (Percussion); David Pack (Vocals); Jeff Pescetto, Chuck Sabatino, Phillip Ingram (Background vocals);  "The Warfield Avenue Symphony Orchestra" .

David Benoit - To: 87 (1987)

01. Some Other Sunset 
02. Oslo   
03. Oceana   
04. Can You Imagine
05. Hermosa Skyline 
06. If I Could Reach Rainbows   
07. Stages 
08. Life Is Like A Samba
09. I Remember Bill Evans

David Benoit (MIDI Piano, Piano); Bob Feldman (Bass Electric, Fretless Bass); Grant Geissman (Guitar Acoustic, Guitar Electric); Bobbye Hall (Percussion); Willie Henderson (Concert Master); Walt Johnson (Flugelhorn, Trumpet); Tony Morales (Drums); Sam Riney (Sax Alto, soprano, tenor).

David Benoit - Freedom At Midnight (1987)

01. Freedom At Midnight
02. Along The Milky Way
03. Kei's Song
04. The Man With The Panama Hat
05. Pieces Of Time
06. Morning Sojourn
07. Tropical Breeze
08. Passion Walk
09. Del Sasser
10. The Last Goodbye

David Benoit (Piano, keyboards); Dann Huff, Russ Freeman (Guitar); Osamu Kitajima (Koto); Pamela Henderson, Doug Cameron, Gina Kronstadt, Arthur Zadinsky, Rebecca Barr, Pavel Farkas, Sid Page, Bruce Dukov, Clayton Haslop (Violin); Cynthia Morrow, Jimbo Ross (Viola); Larry Corbett, Douglas Davis (Cello); Gary Herbig, Ray Pizzi (Saxophone); Sam Riney (Soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); John Madrid, Walt Johnson (Trumpet); Joe Meyer, Richard Todd (French horn); Randy Kerber (Synthesizer); John Patitucci (Acoustic bass, upright bass); Timothy Barr, Arni Egilsson (Double bass); Jeff Porcaro, Tony Morales (Drums); Joe Porcaro, Lenny Castro, Michael Fisher (Percussion).

David Benoit - This Side Up (1985)

01. Beach Trails
02. Stingray
03. Land Of The Loving
04. Linus And Lucy
05. Sunset Island
06. Hymn For Aquino
07. Santa Barbara
08. Waltz For Debbie
09. Landscapes

David Benoit (Piano, Keyboards); Brandon Fields (Alto Saxophone); Bob Feldman, Nathan East (Bass); William Henderson (Concertmaster); John Robinson, Tony Morales (Drums); Grant Geissman, Paul Jackson Jr. (Guitar); Michael Lang, Randy Kerber (Keyboards); Bobbye Hall, Del Blake, Michael Fisher (Percussion); Ernie Watts (Soprano Saxophone); Dianne Reeves (Vocals); The L.A. Modern String Orchestra.

David Benoit - Digits (1983)

01. 29th Street
02. Wind Season
03. Lorraine
04. Authur’s Theme
05. Gold Coast
06. You Never Love Me the Same Way Twice
07. If I Could Reach Rainbows
08. Strange Meadow Lark

Jim Fox (Acoustic Guitar); Wade Short (Bass); Gary Ferguson (Drums); David Benoit (Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Synthesizer); Tim Weisberg (Flute); Sidney Muldrow (French Horn); Todd Robinson (Guitar); Bobbye Hall (Percussion); Ron Brown (Tenor Saxophone); Arnold McCuller (Vocals); Del Blake (Xylophone).

David Benoit - Christmastime (1983)

01. Carol Of The Bells   
02. O Holy Night / Little Drummer Boy   
03. Christmastime Is Here   
04. We Three Kings   
05. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town   
06. Oh Tannenbaum   
07. All I Want For Christmas   
08. What Child Is This? (Greensleeves)   
09. The Christmas Story

David Benoit (Piano); Wade Short (Bass); Tony Morales (Drums); Jimmy Fox (Guitar).

David Benoit - Stages (1982)

01. Hermosa Skyline 
02. Oslo 
03. Promise Me A Carousel 
04. I Love You 
05. Some Other Sunset 
06. Take A Look Inside My Heart 
07. Stages 
08. I Remember Bill Evans
David Benoit (Piano, Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes], Synthesizer, Organ, Clavinet); Carl Verheyen (Acoustic Guitar); Gary Ferguson (Drums); Wade Short (Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass); Marty Walsh (Electric Guitar); Judd Miller (Flugelhorn); Marc Singer (Percussion, Effects); Ron Brown (Saxophone Alto & Tenor); Arnold McCuller,  Mona Lisa Young (Vocals).

David Benoit - Can You Imagine (1980)

01. Can You Imagine
02. Don't Wait For The Sun
03. East Coast Dancer
04. Moment In Hyde Park
05. The Opening
06. Oceana
07. In Memory Of Ché

David Benoit (Keyboards); Bill Henderson (Concertmaster); Marcelino Valdez (Congas, Bongos); Gary Ferguson (Drums, Percussion); Wade Short (Electric Bass, Acoustic Bass); John Wheelock (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar); Ron King (Flugelhorn).

David Benoit - Heavier Than Yesterday (1977)

01. Heavier Than Yesterday
02. I Wish Right Now Would Never End
03. 96-132
04. Getting Outside
05. Los Angeles
06. Life Is Like A Samba
07. Seagull's Paradise

David Benoit (Keyboards, Synthesizer); Gary Ferguson (Drums); Ron Kink (Trumpet); Laurin Rinder (Percussion); David Sherr (Wind); David Williams (Bass).

sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

Champian Fulton & Scott Hamilton - The Things We Did Last Summer (2017)

01. When Your Lover Has Gone
02. Black Velver
03. I Cried For You
04. The Things We Did Last Summer
05. Too Marveulous For Words
06. My Future Just Passed
07. Runnin' Wild
08. The Very Thought Of You

Champian Fulton (piano & voice); Scott Hamilton (Saxophone); Ignasi Gonzalez (Double bass); Esteve Pi (Drums).

Mike Garson - Monk Fell On Me (2016)

01. Bolivar Blues
02. Ruby My Dear
03. Blue Monk
04. Well, You Needn’t
05. I Mean You
06. Think of One
07. Bemsha Swing
08. Monk’s Dream
09. Rhythm-A-Ning
10. Mysterioso
11. Pannonica
12. ‘Round Midnight
13. Nutty
14. Straight, No Chaser
15. Off Minor
16. Epistrophy
17. Evidence
18. Eronel
19. Homage to Thelonious

Jimmy Scott - I Go Back Home (A Story About Hoping And Dreaming) (2016)

01. Motherless Child (Feat. Joey Defrancesco) 
02. The Nearness Of You (Duett With Joe Pesci) 
03. Love Letters (Duett With Oscar Castro Neves) 
04. Easy Living (Feat. Joey Defrancesco) 
05. Someone To Watch Over Me (Feat. Renee Olstead) 
06. How Deep Is The Ocean (Feat. Kenny Barron) 
07. If I Ever Lost You (Feat. Till Brönner) 
08. For Once In My Life (Duett With Dee Dee Bridgewater) 
09. I Remember You - Tribute To Jimmy Scott (Feat. Monica Mancini & Arturo Sandoval) 
10. Everybody Is Somebody's Fool (Feat. James Moody) 
11. Folks Who Live On The Hill - Tribute To Jimmy Scott (Feat. Joe Pesci) 
12. Poor Butterfly (Feat. Gregori Maret)

Martin Gjakonovski, Michael Valerio (Bass); Hans Dekker, Peter Erskine (Drums); Arturo Sandoval (Flugelhorn); John Pisano, Oscar Castro-Neves (Guitar); Gregoire Maret (Harmonica); Joey DeFrancesco (Organ); Kenny Barron (Piano); James Moody (Saxophone); Bob Mintzer (Tenor Saxophone); Till Brönner (Trumpet); Jimmy Scott, Joe Pesci, Renee Olstead (Vocals); HBR Studio Symphony Orchestra (Orchestra).