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miércoles, 13 de diciembre de 2017

Larry Kimpel - The Music Inside (2009)

01. J.B.'s Home
02. Freedom to Fly
03. Summer Breeze
04. Love Is All There Is
05. Talkin' The Real
06. People Make the World Go Round
07. Warm Summer Night (For Kim)
08. Nothing But the Night
09. I'm Into You


Larry Kimpel - Be Still And Know (2016)

01. He (Jesus Is The World To Me)
02. It_s Good To Know
03. Father You Love Me Enough
04. He Shall Reign
05. I Submit (To You My Lord)
06. El Shaddai (I Give You Worthy Praise)
07. The Prayer Of Jabez (If You Would Only Bless Me)
08. Let Your Dream Take Flight
09. Rejoice And Celebrate
10. Be Still And Know
11. One Step Ahead
12. Father You Love Me Enough


Arturo Serra - Nebulosa (2015)

01. Reminder Blues
02. Rain Steps
03. Nebulosa
04. Cifu
05. The Sealer
06. Small Confussion
07. A Point in the Desert
08. Body
09. Bobby and Shiva
10. Harrelism
11. Slam
12. Garden City
13. Saint Bull
14. Rain Steps (Alternate Take)

Arturo Serra (Vibes); Enrique Oliver (Tenor saxophone); Julian Sanchez (Trumpet); Juan Galiardo (Piano); Marko Lohikari (Bass); Xavi Hinojosa (Drums).


Arturo Serra - Un Viento (2016)

01. Mi Regalona  
02. Soturno  
03. Espejismo del Agua  
04. La Soñadora  
05. Mira las Rosas  
06. Siempre y Nunca Más  
07. Un Viento  
08. Malvas Reales  
09. A Flower Is Not a Flower

Luis Balaguer (Guitar), Arturo Serra (Vibes).


Leon Huff - Groovy People (2011)

01. Groovy People
02. I Ain't Jivin' I'm Jammin' (Part Two)
03. Leon Huff Way
04. To Swing Is the Thing
05. Ain't No Stoppin' the Bop
06. Chicken Noodle Laid Back
07. Hey There Lonely Girl
08. To Love You More
09. The Way You Do the Things You Do
10. Bad Weather Blues


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - Indigo Chronicles: Chocolate Brown Eyes (2017)

01. Announcement  
02. Bolertime  
03. Strut  
04. Mark's Groove  
05. For Alton  
06. Lysah's Dance  
07. Mur De Highsmith  
08. Chicken Jambalaya  
09. Chocolate Brown Eyes  
10. Awakening  
11. Denouement


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - Saxology 101 (2015)

01. Saxology 101  
02. Touch Me  
03. Garden State Pkwy  
04. Philly Kinda Groove  
05. Wintergarden  
06. So Chill  
07. Nations Speak
08. Stari Most  
09. Swag  
10. Scottsdale Sunsets  
11. Musical Expressions


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - Awakening (2013)

01. Intro  
02. Cruising  
03. Touch Me  
04. West Indian Secret  
05. Ride With Me  
06. Ariana  
07. Perfect Marriage  
08. Captivating  
09. Until You Take My Name  
10. Awakening  
11. Hand of Fatima 


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - The Anthology Of Sound (2011)

01. The Anthology of Sound 
02. Hot Grits and Catfish 
03. Hey Girl 
04. LD's Dance 
05. Hanging with Mr. Pap 
06. Goodmorning Shataryn 
07. Highsmithism 
08. Ascension into Love 
09. Summer Rain 
10. I write this song for you 
11. Island Girl 
12. Just thinking of you 
13. Still Moments 
14. So into you


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - For The Love Of SOTA (2010)

01. Hot Grits And CatFish
02. Just Chillin
03. Baby Girl
04. Ariana
05. It Is What It Is
06. Sexy Blues
07. Ride With Me
08. Highsmithism


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - Drive Me The Funk Home (2010)

01. Equinox
02. Inner City Blues
03. Tell Me A Bedtime Story
04. It's Love
05. I Can't Help It
06. Footprints
07. Cold Duck


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - It Is What It Is !!! (2007)

01. It Is What It Is
02. What's Going On
03. Naima
04. Blue In Green
05. Lorren
06. Mr. P.C.
07. Lovely Day
08. Betcha By Golly Wow


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - Jacquin (2004)

01. Intro
02. This One's for James
03. In Your Presence
04. Sorry 2004
05. Ride with Me
06. Jacquin
07. I'm in Love
08. Still Moments Grandma's Song
09. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
10. Bye No One Knows Me
11. Still Moments (Reprise)


Jimmie Highsmith Jr. - Passive Thoughts (2002)

01. Just Chillin'
02. Quiet Storm Interlude
03. May I Love You
04. Where Did Our Love Go
05. Upstate Funk
06. Love Is Here For You
07. Once Upon A Time
08. Someone To Love You
09. Ariana
10. Reflections Of Taryn
11. May I Love You (Reprise)


martes, 12 de diciembre de 2017

Airto Moreira - Homeless (2000)

01. Vira Poeira (Burning To Dust)
02. Come As You Are
03. 700 Years
04. After These Messages
05. Street Vendors (D'Jmbo)
06. Wake Up Now
07. Homeless (Around The Fire)
08. Samba For Sale  
09. Ginga Sem Fronteira
10. The Last One

Gary Brown (Bass); Freddie Santiago, Giovanni Hidalgo (Percussion); Changuito, Meia Noite (Percussion, Drums); Flora Purim (Vocals).


Airto Moreira - Jump (1993)

01. Aqui Se Puede
02. Sin Salida
03. Jump
04. The Return
05. Anatelio
06. Sete Sementes
07. Tombo

Jorge Dalto (Piano); Alphonso Johnson (Bass); Oscar Castro Neves (Piano, guitar); Kei Akagi (Synthesizer and keyboards); Larry Nass (Guitar); Jeff Elliot (Trumpet and flugelhorn); Raul De Souza (Trombone); Keith Jones (Bass); Joe Farrell (Flute); Cachete Maldonado (Percussion); Tony Moreno (Drums); Frank Colon, Giovani, Laudir De Oliveira, Donald Alias (Percussion); Geni Da Silva (Lead vocals); Airto Moreira (Lead vocals, back vocals, percussion, drums); Flora Purim (Lead vocals, back vocals); Tite Curet Alonso (Back vocals); Rafael Jose (Back vocals).


Airto Moreira - Fourth World (1993)

01. Esperanza
02. River Sao Francisco
03. Starfish
04. Povo Da Lira
05. Africa
06. Earthquake
07. Lua
08. Seven Steps
09. Firewater-Jive Talk
10. Santa Anita

Gary Meek (Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Keyboards, Glockenspiel); Airto Moreira (Drums, Percussion, Vocals); José Neto (Guitar, Vocals); Flora Purim (Vocals, Percussion).


Airto Moreira - The Other Side of This (1992)

01. Endless Cycle
02. Tumbleweed
03. Back Streets of Havana
04. Healing Sounds
05. The Underwater People
06. Old Man's Song
07. Hey Ya
08. When Angels Cry
09. Dom-Um (A Good Friend)
10. Street Reunion
11. Mirror of the Past
12. Sedonia's Circle
13. Terra e Mar

Airto Moreira (Vocals, Percussion, Bells, Whistle, Berimbau, Didjeridu, Flute); Diana Moreira (Vocals and Hand Claps); Mickey Hart (Wood, Vocals, Rattles, Shakers and Tibeatan Bowl); Zakir Hussain (Tabla and Wood); Flora Purim (Stomping, Vocals); Babatunde Olatunji (Wood); Kitaro (Wood, Stomping and Vocals); T.H. Vinayakram (Ghatam); Frank Colon (Bata, Shekere and Vocals); Giovanni Hidalgo (Bata, Cowbell, Shekere and Backing Vocals); Caryl Ohrbach (Stomping and Vocals, Franme Drum); Rose Solomon, Cheryl McEnaney, Sedonia Cahill, Justine Toms, Margaret Barkley, Margie Clark, Leah Martino, K.C. Ross, Jana Holmer, Amrita Blain (Frame Drum and Vocals); Verna Yater (Vocals).


Airto Moreira - Struck By Lightning (1989)

01. It's Time For Carnival
02. Burning Money (Queim Ando Dinheiro)
03. Berimbau First Cry
04. Sea Horse
05. Struck By Lightning
06. Samba Louco (Crazy Samba)
07. Seven Dwarfs
08. Samba Nosso (Our Samba)
09. Skins & Rattle

Airto Moreira (Percussion, Drums, Vocals); Bob Harrison, Mark Egan, Randy Tico, Stanley Clarke (Bass); Mike Shapiro (Drums); Jose Neto (Guitar); Chick Corea, Gary Meek, Herbie Hancock, Marcos Silva (Keyboards); Gary Meek (Saxophone); Flora Purim (Vocals).


Airto Moreira - Samba De Flora (1989)

01. Parana
02. Samba De Flora
03. La Puerta
04. Dedos
05. Yanah Amina
06. El Fiasco
07. Mulambo
08. Latin Woman

Airto Moreira (Congas, Drums, Flute Wood, Percussion, Vocals); Kei Akagi (Synthesizer); Don Alias (Percussion); Jill Avery (Vocals Background); Roland Bautista (Guitar); Bruce Bigenho, Dominic Camardella (Keyboards); Frank Colon (Berimbau, Percussion); Jorge Dalto (Keyboards, Piano); Laudir DeOliveira (Percussion); Jeff Elliott (Flugelhorn, Horn, Trumpet); Joe Farrell (Piccolo); Rolando Gingras (Trumpet); Giovanni Hidalgo (Bongos, Percussion); Alphonso Johnson, Keith Jones (Bass); Rafael Jose (Vocals); Tony Moreno (Drums); Luis Muñoz (Percussion); Larry Nass (Guitar); Flora Purim (Vocals); Michael Shapiro (Bass); Raul de Souza (Trombone); Randy Tico (Bass); David Tolegian (Flute, Saxophone).


Airto Moreira - Killer Bees (1989)

01. Banana Jam
02. Be There
03. Killer Bees
04. City Sushi Man
05. See Ya Later
06. Nevermind
07. Communion
08. Nasty Moves
09. Chicken in the Mind

Airto Moreira (Drums, percussion, vocals); Stanley Clarke (Acoustic bass, electric bass); Chic Corea (Acoustic piano, electronic keyboards); Mark Egan (Electric, fretless bass); Herbie Hancock (Acoustic piano, electronic keyboards); Gary Meek (Tenor, soprano saxophones); Flora Purim (Vocals).


Airto & Flora - Dafos (1989)

01. Dry Sands of the Desert
02. Ice of the North
03. Reunion I/Reunion II/Reunion III
04. Saudação Popular
05. Psychopomp
06. Subterranean Caves of Kronos
07. Gates of Däfos
08. Passage


Airto Moreira - The Colours Of Life (1988)

01. Berimbau Do Sul
02. Espiritual Rain Forest 
03. Anatelio
04. Treme Terra
05. Partido Alto
06. Bingo
07. Escape
08. Misterios

Alphonso Johnson, Bob Harrison, Randy Tico (Bass); Airto Moreira, Michael Shapiro (Drums); Gary Meek (Flute); Jose Neto, Oscar Castro Neves, Roland Bautista (Guitar); Jorge Dalto, Marcos Silva (Keyboards); Don Alias, Frank Colon, Giovanni Hidalgo, Laudir Oliveira, Michael Shapiro (Percussion); Airto (Percussion, Vocals); Gary Meek (Saxophone); Raul De Souza (Trombone); Airto, Flora Purim, Michael Shapiro (Vocals).


Airto & Flora - The Magicians (1986)

01. Sweet Baby Blues
02. Garimpo Silva
03. Esquinas Djavan
04. Bird of Paradise
05. The Magicians
06. Jennifer
07. Jump
08. Two Minutes of Peace
09. Love Reborn

Kei Akagi (Keyboards); Celso Alberti (Drums); Gary Brown (Bass); Dominic Camardella (Percussion Programming, Special Effects); George Duke (Keyboards); Jeff Elliot, Mary Fettig (Horn); Bob Harrison, Keith Jones (Bass); Kenny Loggins (Vocals); Airto Moreira (Drum Machine, Drums, Percussion, Vocals); Ricardo Peixoto (Guitar); Flora Purim (Guitar, Percussion, Vocals); Doug Scott (Drum Machine); Marcos Silva (Keyboards); Randy Tico (Bass); Dave Zeiher (Guitar).


Airto Moreira, Flora Purim & Joe Farrell - Three-Way Mirror (1985)

01. Treme Terra
02. Misturada
03. The Return
04. Three-Way Mirror
05. San Francisco River
06. Comecar de Novo
07. Lilia
08. Plane to the Trane

Airto Moreira (Vocals, drums, percussion); Flora Purim (Vocals); Jose Neto (Guitar); Joe Farrell (Flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, percussion); Kei Akagi (Piano, percussion); Randy Tico (Fretless bass); Tony Gordin, Mark Egan, Michael Shapiro (Percussion).


Airto Moreira - Humble People (1985)

01. 20 Years Blue
02. Move It On Up
03. Jogral
04. Bad Jive
05. Humble People
06. Nvula / Humbiumbi
07. Jungle Cry
08. New Flora
09. Shoulder (Ombro)

Airto Moreira (Percussion, Drums, Vocals);  Flora Purim (Vocals); David Sanborn (Alto Saxophone); Randy Tico, Sergio Brandao (Bass); Jerry Gonzales, Milton Cardona (Bata); Toni Moreno (Drums); Jeff Elliott (Flugelhorn, Trumpet); David Zeheir, Jose Neto (Guitar); Jorge Dalto (Keyboards); Kei Akagi (Keyboards, Synthesizer [Strings Synthesizer]); Jerry Tietz (Synthesizer [Strings Synthesizer]); Joe Farrell (Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute).


Airto Moreira & Gil Evans WDR Big Band - Misa Espiritual Airto's Brazilian Mass (1983)

01. Entróito
02. Kyrie
03. Gloria
04. Comunhão / Finis

Airto Moreira (Vocal, Percussion; Rick Kiefer, Greg Ruvolo, Jupp Keuser, Klaus Osterloh, Jon Eardly (Trumpets); Heiner Wiberny, Harald Rosenstein, Alan Skidmore, Rolf Romer, Paul Peucker (Reeds);  Dave Horler, Henning Berg, Bernt Laukamp, Roy Deuvall (Trombones); Phhilip Gustafson, Radovan Vlapkovec (French Horns); Richard Lister, Johnny Teupen (Tuba); Philip Catherine (Guitar); Trilok Gurtu, Fredy Santiago (Percussions); Marcos Silva (Keyboards); Bora Rokovic (Piano); Jean Warland (Bass); David Rosenberg (Drums).


Airto Moreira - Touching you... Touching Me (1979)

01. Amajour
02. Partido Alto
03. Open Space 
04. Heartbeat 
05. Toque De Cuica
06. Move It On Up 
07. And When We Touched The Sky 
08. Tempos Altras (Dreams Are Real) 
09. It's Not A Ballad
10. Introduction To The End

Herb Alpert (Trumpet); Manolo Badrena (Percussion); Bayete (Piano); Kevin Beamish (Overdub Engineer); Jose Bertrame (Fender Rhodes); Michael Boddicker (Synthesizer); Peter Bunetta (Drums); Al Ciner (Guitar Electric, Guitar Rhythm); Michel Colombier (Piano); Denis Degher (Mixing, Overdub Engineer); Laudir DeOliveira (Congas, Percussion); George Duke (Clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Piano); Joe Farrell (Sax Soprano, Sax Tenor); Hugo Fattoruso (ARP Synthesizer, Clavinet, Composer, Harmony, Piano); Richard Feldman (Guitar Rhythm); Roger Harris (Overdub Engineer); Alphonso Johnson (Bass, Stick); Airto Moreira (Congas, Drums, Percussion, Trap Kit, Vocals); Nivaldo Ornellas (Sax Soprano); Flora Purim (Vocals); Bob Robles (Guitar); W.D. Smith (Organ); George Sopuch (Guitar Electric); The Sweet Inspirations (Vocal Effect, Vocals Background); Marcos Valle (Fender Rhodes, Piano Electric).


Airto Moreira - I'm Fine How Are You (1977)

01. I'm Fine, How Are You? (Moreira)
02. Meni Devol (Fattoruso, Rada)
03. La Tumbadora (Fattoruso, Rada)
04. The Happy People (Moreira)
05. The Road Is Hard (But We're Going To Make It) (Purim)
06. La Cumbia De Anders (Fattoruso, Rada)
07. Celebration Suite (Moreira)
08. Nativity (McNabb, Moreira, Pastorius)

Airto Moreira (Percussion, Arranger, Drums, Vocals, Vocals bckgr); Tom Scott (Flute, Saxophone); Raul de Souza (Trombone); Ruben Rada (Vocals); Flora Purim, Maria Fattoruso (Arranger, Vocals, Vocals bckgr); Manolo Badrena, Laudir DeOliveira (Percussion); Hugo Fattoruso (Keyboards); Charles "Icarus" Johnson, Oscar Neves (Guitar); Jaco Pastorius, Abraham Laboriel, Byron Miller (Bass).


Airto Moreira - Promises Of The Sun (1976)

01. Batucada
02. Zuei
03. Promises Of The Sun
04. Candango
05. Circo Marimbondo
06. La De Casa
07. Ruas Do Recife
08. Georgiana

Hugo Fattoruso (Keyboards); Maria Fattoruso (Vocals Background); Toninho Horta (Bass, Guitar, Piano); Airto Moreira (Drums, Flute Wood, Percussion, Vocal Effect, Vocals, Vocals Background); Milton Nascimento (Guitar, Guitar Acoustic, Vocals); Novelli (Bass, Guitar, Guitar Acoustic, Piano, Piano Electric, Vocals); Flora Purim (Vocal Effect, Vocals); Raul de Souza (Trombone).


Airto Moreira - Identity (1975)

01. The Magicians (Bruxos)
02. Tales From Home (Lendas)
03. Identity
04. Encounter (Encontro No Bar)
05. Wake Up Song (Baião Do Acordar / Café)
06. Mãe Cambina
07. Flora On My Mind

John Heard, John Williams, Louis Johnson (Bass); Robert (Drums, Percussion); Airto Moreira (Drums, Percussion, Vocals); David Amaro (Guitar); Ted Lo (Organ); Egberto Gismonti (Piano); Wayne Shorter (Soprano Saxophone); Herbie Hancock (Synthesizer); Raul De Souza (Trombone); Flora Purim (Vocals).


Eumir Deodato & Airto Moreira - In Concert (1974)

01. Do It Again
02. Spirit Of Summer
03. Parana
04. Tropea
05. Branches
06. (Bonus) Baubles, Bangles And Beads
07. (Bonus) Skyscraper

Rick Marotta (Drums); Joseph J. Shepley (Trumpet); John Giulino (Bass); Joe Shepley (Trumpet); Eumir Deodato (Keyboards); Rubens Bassini (Conga); Garnett Brown (Trombone); Burt Collins (Trumpet); Gilmore Degap (Percussion); John Tropea (Guitar); Joe Temperley (Sax baritone).


Airto Moreira - Virgin Land (1974)

01. Stanley's Tune (Stanley Clarke)
02. Musikana (Gabriel DeLorme)
03. Virgin Land
04. Peasant Dance (Milcho Leviev)
05. Lydian Riff (Leviev)
06. Hot Sand
07. I Don't Have To Do What I Don't Want To Do (DeLorme, Moreira)

Airto (Drums, percussion, vocals); George Duke (Keyboards, piano, synthesizer); Milcho Leviev (Keyboards); Kenny Ascher (Piano, mellotron); David Amaro, Gabriel DeLorme (Electric guitar); Alex Blake, Stanley Clarke (Electric bass); Flora Purim (Vocals); Eddie Daniels (Clarinet); George Marge (Oboe, piccolo); Jane Taylor (Bassoon).


Airto Moreira - Fingers (1973)

01. Fingers (El Rada)
02. Romance Of Death
03. Merry-Go-Round
04. Wind Chant
05. Parana
06. San Francisco River
07. Tombo in 7/4

Airto Moreira (Percussion, Drums, Vocals); David Amaro (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Guitar [12 String]); Ringo Thielmann (Bass, Vocals); Jorge Fattoruso (Drums, Vocals); Hugo Fattoruso (Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals); Flora Purim (Percussion, Vocals).


Airto Moreira - Free (1972)

01. Return To Forever (C. Corea)
02. Flora's Song (F. Purim)
03. Free (A. Moreira)
04. Lucky Southern (K. Jarrett)
05. Creek (Arroio) (V. Brazil)
06. So Tender (K. Jarrett)
07. Jequie (M. Santos)
08. Creek (Arroio) (V. Brazil)

Airto Moreira (Percussion, Vocals, Wood Flutes); Joe Farrell (Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Soprano Sax, Piccolo); Ron Carter (Bass); Stanley Clarke (Electric Bass); Nelson Ayres (Electric Piano); Chick Corea (Electric Piano, Piano); Hubert Laws (Flute); George Benson, Jay Berliner (Guitar); Keith Jarrett (Piano); Garnett Brown, Joe Wallace, Wayne Andre (Trombone); Alan Rubin, Burt Collins, Mel Davis (Trumpet, Flugelhorn); Flora Purim (Vocals).


Airto Moreira - Seeds on the Ground (1971)

01. Andei (I Walked)
02. O Sonho (Moon Dreams)
03. Uri (Wind)
04. Papo Furado (Jive Talking)
05. Juntos (We Love)
06. O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree), Part 1
07. O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree), Part 2

Airto Moreira (Percussion, Drums, Vocals, Berimbau); Ron Carter (Bass, Cello); Severino de Oliveira (Organ, Accordion, Viola); Hermeto Pascoal (Bass, Flute, Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboards, Violao); Flora Purim (Vocals); Dom Um Romão (Percussion); Sivuca (Accordion).


Airto Moreira - Natural Feelings (1970)

01. Alue (Purim-Moreira)
02. Xibaba (She-ba-ba) (Moreira)
03. Terror (Pascoal)
04. Bebe (Pascoal)
05. Andei (Pascoal)
06. Mixing (Moreira)
07. The Tunnel (Pascoal)
08. Frevo (Pascoal)
09. Liamba (Moreira)

Airto Moreira (Percussion, vocals, drums); Hermeto Pascoal (Piano, organ, harpsichord, flute); Sivuca (Guitar); Flora Purim (Vocals); Ron Carter (Bass).


lunes, 11 de diciembre de 2017

Dean James - Love Takes Time (2009)

01. When I See You Smile
02. Neon Skies
03. Thing Your Man Wont Do
04. Sensual
05. Brighter Days
06. This Woman's Work
07. Can You Feel It
08. Love Takes Time
09. Can I Take You Out


Dean James - Brighter Days (2006)

01. Brighter Days 
02. Just for You  
03. Say Yes 
04. Sunday Afternoon 
05. Close to You 
06. Summernights 
07. Private Paradise 
08. Song for Miyah 
09. Thoughts 
10. Lovetones 
11. M & G (For Mary & Gary)  
12. Neon Skies


Dean James - Intimacy (1997)

01. Market Street
02. Soon as I Get Home
03. Finally Forever
04. Sendin' a Message
05. Endlessly (The Wedding Song)
06. Samba Forre'
07. Intimacy
08. Night Cruise
09. Monterey


Dean James - Can We Talk (1995)

01. 'Round the Horn 
02. Out of Bounds 
03. Lay Your Hands on Me 
04. Skylight 
05. Anytime, Anyplace 
06. What King of Love Is This 
07. Sernade 
08. Lost Without Your Lovin' 
09. Love Song 
10. Can We Talk? 
11. All of Me 
12. Atlantic City


Gilbert Baskerville - All For You (2010)

01. New Friend 
02. Love At First Sight 
03. You See Me 
04. Rainy Day 
05. Soft Breeze 
06. Just Relax 
07. Smooth Jazz 
08. It's You That I Adore 
09. Bazz Funk 
10. Cha Cha With My Baby 
11. All For You 
12. Swing Shift 
13. Frances 
14. A Song for My Mother


Gianni Vancini - Acustico (2016)

01. Quando
02. Cannonball
03. Caff?? centrale (feat. Giacomo da Ros)
04. All of My Life
05. It's Me
06. 31 Luglio (feat. Stanley Sargeant & Bruno Farinelli)
07. For James
08. Billie Jean
09. L'ultima parte della neve (feat. Stefania Martin)
10. Elegant Lady (feat. Giacomo da Ros)
11. Moving to East (feat. Stanley Sargeant)


Gianni Vancini - Get Your Groove On (2014)

01. Get Your Groove on (feat. Kenya Hathaway)
02. Thinking About You (feat. Terry Wollman)
03. Elegant Lady (feat. Jeff Lorber)
04. Didn't You Promise (feat. Selina Albright)
05. It's Me (feat. Kirk Whalum)
06. For James (feat. Alex Al)
07. Top Down (feat. Greg Manning)
08. Separate Lives (feat. Selina Albright)
09. Shake! (feat. Earl Buffington)
10. Cos'hai Messo Nel Caffe
11. Get Your Groove on (Instrumental)

Gianni Vancini (Sax), Ricky Lawson (Drums); Alex Al, Darryl Williams, James East (Bass); Stan Sargeant (Acoustic Bass); Darrell Crooks, Sheldon Reynolds (Guitar); Greg Manning (Keys).
Special Guests: Kenya Hathaway, Selina Albright, Earl Buffington (Vox); Terry Wollman (Guitar); Jeff Lorber (Fender Rhodes); Kirk Whalum (Tenor Saxophone); Renato Falaschi (Acoustic Piano).


Gianni Vancini - Souls United (2011)

01. Grapes 
02. Cannonball
03. Here, There & Everywhere (feat. Umberto Tozzi)   
04. Night Train (feat. Eric Marienthal)  
05. Souls United  
06. Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean (feat. Laise Sanches)    
07. All of My Life   
08. You've Made Me So Very Happy (feat. Andrea Mingardi) 
09. Scrivimi (feat. Lorenzo Definti)
10. Mr. Jackson 

Gianni Vancini (Sax), Andrea Mingardi (Vocals), Bas Van De Wal (Guitar), Eric Marienthal (Alto Sax), Guido Nijs (Tenor Sax), Jan Van Duikeren (Flugelhorn, Trumpet), Joost Kroon (Drums), Laise Sanches (Vocals), Lorenzo Definti (Piano), Louk Boudestijn (Trombon), Manuel Hugas (Bass), Maurizio Tirelli (Add. Keyboards), Michelle Oudeman (Background Vocals), Raffaele Chiatto (Guitars), Roël Callister (Percussion), Rory Ronde (Guitars), Thomas Bank (Keyboards), Umberto Tozzi (Vocals).


Sap Saenyakon - On the Beach (Wind Beneath My Wings) (2011)

01. Carry on till tomorrow 
02. You make me feel brand new 
03. Just when I need you most 
04. You needed me 
05. That s what friends are for 
06. Stop, Look, Listen
07. Broken hearted me 
08. Lonely people 
09. Wind beneath my wings 
10. Wishing on a star
11. The morning after 
12. Desperado 


Sap Saenyakon - On the Beach (Endless Love) (2011)

01. You are everything
02. When will I see you again
03. Too much heaven
04. Just don t want to be lonely
05. I can t tell you why
06. Righy here waiting 
07. Everytime you go away 
08. Endless love 
09. I m your puppet
10. More then I can say
11. Always
12. I m stone in love with you


Arturo Serra - Locomotive (2017)

01. Dual Force (Buster Williams)
02. El Gaucho (Wayne Shorter)
03. I Waited for You (J.J. Johnson)
04. L’s Bop (Lenny White)
05. Locomotive (Thelonious Monk)
06. Wild Flower (Wayne Shorter)
07. Little Melonae (Jackie McLean)
08. Rounder’s Mood (Booker Little)
09. So Far, So Near (Bennie Green)
10. Giant Steps (John Coltrane)

Arturo Serra (Vibes); Enrique Oliver (Tenor sax); José Carra (Piano); Bori Albero (Bass); Ramon Prats (Drums).


George Petersen - Mostly Me (2015)

01. I've Got To Get There, See!
02. Time Is All Right With Me
03. Mas Alla (Beyond)
04. Montreal Heights
05. Defying Logic
06. I'm Always Lovin' You
07. Praise
08. Once I Loved
09. Naima
10. More And More Amor
11. The Gentle Rain
12. When The Day Returns


domingo, 10 de diciembre de 2017

Steve Laury - Holiday (1999)

01. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
02. What Child Is This
03. O Christmas Tree
04. The Little Drummer Boy
05. The First Noel
06. Silent Night
07. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
08. A Midnight Clear
09. Winter Wonderland